Something new

This blog is ancient. I should probably delete it, it's absolutely embarrassing. It does have domain authority though. Which is why I'm posting about my two new companies, Boise Digital Marketing, and Boise Cleaning Fairy... Both of which are doing awesome!

Boise Law Office

Honestly this blog is old but it still has its usefulness.

If any of you are looking for a Boise Law Office you have to check out Matthew Taylor. He's done some work helping us get set up and has done an absolute amazing job. I mean i'm writing a completely unsolicited blog article telling random people how great he is.


Guy does some awesome work.

When you're starting a new business one of the most important things is to get set up correctly. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of the cure. You never want to be in a bad situation because you didn't do things right the first time.

So if you're in Boise Idaho, go check him out. You'll be very very glad you did.

Eat Cannabis

I've started a new niche website, Eat Cannabis.

This one isn't powered by its own social media (yet) but instead i've leveraged the rest of my network to promote this new blog.

The model for it is actually fairly simple. There are two kinds of ways to cook with Cannabis, marijuana and hemp. I've altered recipes that I have found to create my own. In this way I can post awesome content that isn't copyrighted or anything like that.

It's about as basic as content marketing gets. Post content, drive traffic, focus on conversion rates.

Not too bad for a couple of hemp and marijuana recipes

Next Store - Lucky Stoner

So I created my next store already, and am really happy with this idea.

The name of the store is the Lucky Stoner.

The idea is really simple. Make 20 different types of lucky charms, bracelets, necklaces, rings, and then take really nice pictures of them and give them prices ranging from $14.95+. Free worldwide shipping.

It's almost exactly like drop shipping since I have almost no inventory, except I keep all of the profit and I control the shipping.

Love it. The Lucky Stoner is going to work perfect.

- Koby C.

The Hemp Industry

The third company that I now have started is Mother Hemp.

This is an online store for hemp products and is almost entirely powered by social media.

The store sells hemp soap, hemp shampoo, hemp lotion, and hemp lip balm. As funding becomes available we will add in more product.

- Koby C.

Conversion Into Leads

One of the most common questions I get asked when running Facebook pages is "What is the conversion into leads or sales?"

So in an attempt to satisfy these questions, I am going to give a case study of a small online store that I run.

The Facebook page is The Hippy Bloggers. This is the community page that drives social traffic to the hippie shop. The hippie shop is just a niche store and can be easily substituted for anything.

The Facebook page took 3 months to create 30,000 likes and I spent about $1400 in advertising.

$1178 was spent on inventory, we plan to increase this.

Most of our revenue comes from hemp necklacemushroom necklace, henna tattoo, and hippie clothes for women.

We are doing $1500 in profit a month and total traffic of 16,000. This is ALL from social media. As we start to rank our keywords and get noticed in Google this will all increase.

The best part? Our Facebook page is only going to keep getting bigger, and the traffic from it will only increase.

Oh and this only takes about 2 hours of my time. A week.

You can view this hippie store here.

- Koby Conrad

Professional Facebook Pages

What exactly is a professional Facebook page?

Community pages are filled with picture quotes and feel good content and while this is extremely effective, almost no business pages use this model to generate traffic. Why? Most businesses look at their Facebook page as a representation of their business.

It's not.

The point of social media is to create an environment to communicate with your consumers. Here's a tip. Your consumers don't talk about your product all day long.

One of the biggest hurdles in creating a good Facebook page is getting over the preconceived notion that professionalism means dry content that is directly related to your business. Professionalism means reaching millions and millions of people each month. Professionalism is about creating leads. Professionalism is about generating more traffic than your competitors. Pages filled with dry content that is only related to your business is not professional.

One of the best examples are the Facebook pages of Pfizer and Cromogen. Pfizer has been around for years and has more than 72,000 likes, but if you look at their "talking about this" number, they only have 1,454 people that have liked, commented, or shared their content. Conclusion? Their strictly "professional" page has likes that have been bought with google Adsense, and content that nobody cares about.

Cromogen on the other hand? A much newer Facebook page, that has 1,518 likes and over 6,000 "talking about this." Cromogen has a much more human face. They interact with their fan base and don't create a page filled with scientific spam. In political terms? They are the candidate you would go grab a beer with.

Every month this new company will have over a million people see their name.

Dry boring content isn't professional, results are professional.

- Koby Conrad